C Indentation, sloppy (??) Unix code

byer bb at wjh12.UUCP
Tue May 7 15:36:17 AEST 1985

J Shapiro first points out that source code formatters could be employed
to adapt other folks' code to one's own preferred style.  Fine.

But then ...

> ...  I am not an OS hacker, and on those occasions when I am
> obliged to look at UNIX code I am sickened by the lack of clarity of
> the expression of the thoughts behind the code.  ...

Bite your tongue, man.

I had the (technical) pleasure of learning the Unix kernel from
hard-copy source listings in fall of 1973, vintage version 4.
Yes, the code was uncommented, but it was clean!!  In fact,
I found it extremely enlightening to digest such functionality
with such (relative) ease.

My point here:  Please do not tarnish the skills and efforts
of `ken' & `dmr' !!  It was all of us who are to blame for
turning that gem into the clutter it is now.

(Hey, I still like Unix; just glad I don't have to maintain it now.)

	Brent Byer  (ihnp4!ihesa!textware!brent)

And, who is that ugly dwarf with his hand in your mouth?

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