Need 286 "C" benchmark

Walter Bright bright at dataio.UUCP
Thu May 30 02:37:04 AEST 1985

In article <433 at oakhill.UUCP> davet at oakhill.UUCP (Dave Trissel) writes:
>Ok I will.  Here's another dinky benchmark which I just compiled and ran on
>my Macintosh.  Lets hear some 286 times for it (and no excuses please.)
>int a[50000];
>  int i;
>  for (i=0; i<50000; i++) a[i+1] = a[i];

One ought to be careful whether one is benchmarking the CPU or the
compiler. I have seen different compilers for the same CPU give
differences in execution speed of up to a factor of 2.5. For anyone
not believing this, for the 68000 we have the Greenhills optimizing
compiler versus the usual PCC based ones. For the 8088 we have the
new Microsoft compiler versus the Telecon. All C compilers are not
created equal, some are not even close!

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