Second Annual Obfusted C Code Contest

Landon Noll chongo at nsc.UUCP
Fri May 24 11:51:18 AEST 1985

It is time once again for the net wide Obfuscated C code contest!

GOAL:  To write the most Obscure working C program under the rules below:

RULES:	1) The source must be 512 bytes or less.
	2) Mail your entries to:	  ...!ihnp4!nsc!chongo
	   Postings to the net will NOT be used!
	3) Include at the top of the letter:
	    a) Your name, and path from a major network node.
	       If you want your entry to be anonymous, indicate this as well.
	    b) A brief statement of what the program should do.
	    c) The machine/opsys on which it runs.
	4) Enclose your source between the following lines:
---start of program---
<place obfuscated source here>
---end of program---
	5) The C program must be written in common C. 
	   That is, K&R plus common extensions (say 4.2 or Sys V C)
	6) The program must be of original work.
	7) The program must be a complete program. (i.e., not just a fragment)
	8) Entries must be received by me on or before June 8, 1985.

POINTS:	Each entry will be judged for its non-clarity.  I will attempt to
	run each of them on a Vax 780/4.2BSD system.   Don't let the lack
	of such a system stop you!  Try to avoid operating system/machine
	specific code if you do not have such a system.  Extra points will
	be given for program that:

	a) Able to pass lint without complaint
	b) Actually does something interesting  (not just exit)
	c) are portable (i.e., no special calls of local features)
	   (long variable names will be allowed as needed)

The names of the winners will be posted to net.lang.c.  The winning
sources will be posted to net.sources.

If you have any questions on the rules/points above, just ask via mail!

chongo <main(){int i;i+=i+++++i;exit(i);}> /\??/\
no comment is a comment.

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