long names in 'C' programs

Wayne A. Christopher faustus at ucbcad.UUCP
Tue May 21 13:40:34 AEST 1985

> If you insist on making 'C' programs look like COBOL by using
> 32,767 character names, the *very* least you can do is make the
> damn things unique in the first 7 characters, OK?

If you're so concerned about those people who have dumb compilers, why
don't you write a program to systematically rename variables to make
them 7 character unique? It couldn't be that tough, and then those of
us who have the brains to use decent C compilers don't have suffer
having variable names that we don't want. If it were the first 10 or 12
characters then it wouldn't so bad, but 7 characters is too little to
have to worry about.


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