"C" wish list/semicolons

Snoopy seifert at hammer.UUCP
Thu Nov 14 07:40:19 AEST 1985

In article <2364 at ukma.UUCP> david at ukma.UUCP (David Herron, NPR Lover) writes:

>All this stuff with blocks (and whether to use begin...end or {..})
>is silliness.
>Why not be totally visual about it?  When you want a block of stuff,
>simply draw a box around it.  For goto statements, draw a line from the
>box to wherever you want to go.  
>Sigh.  It doesn't solve the seperator problem  (unless you want to
>have one box per statement).

Sounds like you want to program in "flowchart".

Snoopy (ECS Ronin #901)

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