A C compiler for the CRAY-1A?

Todd Olson olson at lasspvax.UUCP
Mon Oct 14 09:49:49 AEST 1985

In article <409 at boulder.UUCP> jon at boulder.UUCP (Jonathan Corbet) writes:
>	We are about to begin an effort to convince our computing division
>to obtain a C compiler for the Cray-1A machines, but, before doing so, we
>would like to know if such a compiler exists.  Does anybody out there know
>where I could find such a thing?
>Jonathan Corbet
>National Center for Atmospheric Research, Field Observing Facility
>{seismo|hplabs}!hao!boulder!jon		(Thanks to CU CS department)

  While on a visit to Los Alamos National Labs I ran across a reference
to C under COS.  The document was
		The exportable Cray-1 Compiler
		       Richard Lee
			Bell Labs
		Murray Hill, New Jersey 07974

  I don't recall who was working on bringing it up under CTSS at LANL
but it was sort of working at LANL when I was there.

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