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Richard Welty weltyrp at rpics.UUCP
Thu Oct 24 10:49:18 AEST 1985

I think that the following got lost in a crevase, so here
it is again ...

I am currently teaching a course on C and UNIX, and
am looking for suggestions for good projects to illustrate
basic and advanced concepts of both C and UNIX.


The students are seniors and grads.  They know Pascal,
and most have taken introductory courses in
Hardware architecture and in Systems Programming.

The texts are harbison & steele, and kernighan & pike.
kernighan & ritchie is available to the students.

The students have already endured lectures on C,
using UNIX, some details on system internals, and
on various utilities.

What I am looking for:

Projects that illustrate various aspects of UNIX,
such as programming with multiple processes,
filters, etc.  Also, projects that are not C programs
(but use such things as awk and other utilities to
solve problems without writing new C programs) are
of interest.

I want the students to finish this course understanding
C programmming, and also understanding when to write a
C program, and when to use the system utilities.
I also want them to understand the difference between
writing a small program to be handed in, and writing
part of a massive system with n other programmers
(thus justifying Make and SCCS to them -- it turns
out to be damned difficult to explain to the normal
student why he should care about such things).

Thanks in advance for any help.
				Rich Welty

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