"break" statements

Frank Adams franka at mmintl.UUCP
Wed Oct 23 06:01:35 AEST 1985

In article <195 at codas.UUCP> mikel at codas.UUCP (Mikel Manitius) writes:
>In Ratfor (a pre-processor to fortran (ugh!)) you can specify the level of
>the break statement, meaning, out of how many loops you want to break,
>thusly "break 2;" would break out of the current loop, and the one it is
>nested within, I would on many occasions have liked to have had this feature.

Better to put some kind of label on the statements being "broken" out of,
end specify the label in the break statement.  Otherwise, it's too easy
to miscount -- especially with both loop and switch statements.

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