Ranking of C experts and offices :-)

Laura Creighton laura at l5.uucp
Wed Oct 2 17:31:47 AEST 1985

Okay, gang, I started this, I'll end it! The reason that henry has an
Office and Guy has an office is that you have to keep remembering that
henry's office is an Office. if you do not keep this fact firmly in mind you
might be tempted to call it a closet.  Henry's office is about 4 feet square.
In it is: henry, a large desk covered with a literal ton of mail, another
desk covered with a huge ampex terminal and whatever is on henry's short
todo list (the long todo list is online and is probably more than a meg
by now) any broekn hardware that henry is looking at, a week supply of
science mags and science fiction and whatever else was aquired at the latest
bookstore run, clips from magazines to give to people who are interested,
2 or 3 stools, and a tape rack with about 100 tapes in them (zoo's backups).
Plus 2 or 3 people who know how to find henry's office and can't get tbl to
format their thesis...

Can you say crowded? I mean, superman would be hard pressed to do his
costume change in there. The average phone booth has much more space. You
must keep the word ``Office'' firmly in mind at all times, or the dreaded
word ``broom closet'' will slip out, and then your projet on henry's todo
list will slip to the bottom of the pile (which at this rate means it
won't be seen again until 1990 or so...)

Guy Harris, on the other hand, has a relatively spacious office which
he only has to share with Doug Cragun, 2 sun workstations (about the same
size as henry's ampex terminal) and no backup tapes. Guy doesn't seem to
get mail by the garbage bag delivered to Sun, either.  On the other hand,
Guy does have the largest collection of mechanical toys and gadgets that
I have ever seen...

But even with them all spread out Guy still has an obvious office while
Henry has an broom-ahem-Office.

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