Consistent style?

Ray Lubinsky rwl at uvacs.UUCP
Tue Oct 15 06:12:12 AEST 1985

> Thou shalt not carp at a Usenet author's usage.  In this particular
> instance it would be socially acceptable to point out INCONSISTENCIES
> (use of 'cks' instead of 'x' somewhere), but NOT to complain about
> the author's personal style.  No style wars in technical newsgroups!

O                  e         l         t         s         !
 h      I q       r e       g a       e         r o       t
  ,        u     g   !         d     s   t     e   n     i
      ,     i   a         m               h   p         a
   y s       t           '       y u       i         s r
    e         e         I         o         s         t

(Sorry.  I couldn't resist.  Now can we get back to arguing about C?  Woops!
I guess my style is a little inconsistent here.  A          
						  h       s b
						   ,     '   e     )
						        t     t   !
						     t a       t r
						      h         e

Ray Lubinsky		     University of Virginia, Dept. of Computer Science
			     uucp: decvax!mcnc!ncsu!uvacs!rwl

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