Books on C. Any reconmendations?

Steven Grady grady at ucbvax.ARPA
Sun Oct 13 14:43:35 AEST 1985

In article <250 at geowhiz.UUCP> schuh at geowhiz.UUCP (David Schuh) writes:
>Hi folks;
>    Can anyone recomend a Good C book.  Im not as familiar with
>    C as id like, I need some coaching and examples.  Ideally I'd
>    like a book kind of like a reference manual and kind of like
>    a non trivial tutorial, one that would make a 
>    good companion to the K&R.  I went to the bookstore and
>    found a bunch of books but at 20 bucks a crack I dont really
>    whant to make a mistake.  Any help would be greatly 
>    appreciated.

A book I found quite useful when I was learning C is
Programming In C
by Stephen G. Kochan
published by Hayden
It teaches C in an intersting way, without being too difficult
for beginners, nor too simple-minded for people familiar with
computers.. It has additional sections on working with larger 
programs, common programming mistakes, the UNIX C library,
lint, among others..


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