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Alexis Dimitriadis alexis at reed.UUCP
Thu Oct 31 14:27:05 AEST 1985

In article <538 at ttrdc.UUCP> levy at ttrdc.UUCP (Daniel R. Levy) writes:
>[...] The && operator
>doesn't GUARANTEE the chronological order of evaluation is going to be left
>to right, if you have a screwball compiler (though it most probably will be).

Dear Dan:
  You have just inserted your foot in your mouth, in full view of the users
at over 2000 sites around the world.  Observe:

	"Expressions connected by && or || are evaluated left to right, and
	evaluation stops as soon as the truth or falsehood of the result is
	known.  These properties are critical to writing programs that work."
	[K&R, p.38]

  Why, oh why, do we have to endlessly argue fundamental language features?
Please check your facts before you enlighten the net with your wisdom, folks!

Alexis Dimitriadis
  As soon as I get a full time job, the opinions expressed above
will attach themselves to my employer, who will never be rid of
them again.
				alexis @ reed

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