C development environment for The Mac

Bill Crews bc at cyb-eng.UUCP
Sat Oct 26 07:44:55 AEST 1985

> I need a good development environment for Macintosh machines.  Does a clean,
> easy to use (I'm used to 4.2bsd's C) C development support exist for the 
> Mac?  Please respond If you know of one which would be fairly painless
> to develope a little database engine with on a 512k Mac.  Will the library
> routines be simular in form and power to 4.2's?  I need to develop a
> small, interactive, menu driven, database and I really dont want to use BASIC!
> 							Mitchell

The latest Byte Magazine (November?) contains yet another comparison of C
compilers, this time for the Macintosh.  It appeared to me (and to the reviewer,
I think) that Manx's Aztec compiler was quite nice.  It presents a Unix-like
shell environment for development, and allows developed programs to use the
shell OR one of two levels of interface to Macintosh tools.  I'm not a Mac
jock, yet, so I can't elaborate too well.  One BIG gotcha, however . . .
it is copy-protected!  Yes, even though it is a software tool, it is copy-
protected!  I try to boycott that practice.  That is why I don't use Micro-
soft Word for PC work.
	- bc -

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