Setenv from C

Mikel Manitius mikel at codas.UUCP
Sun Oct 6 13:13:48 AEST 1985

> /*
> > Is it possible to set a csh environment variable within a C program? I know
> > about getenv(), but have failed at attempts to set an environment variable
> > from a C program. Basically, what I want to do is "source" a new environment
> > variable for the current csh process. Any comments or suggestions would be
> > appreciated. Thanks.
> In a word NO! There is no way to affect your parent's environment unless
> they made prior arrangements (like before you were born) to do so. 
> Sounds kinda like Life, doesn't it?
>		[ ... examples of kludges deleted ... ]

Yet Another Way Neglected (kind of like YACC, but YAWN :-}):

	eval `prog`

	have "prog" generate the following output:

	set home=/usr/mikel
	setenv FOOBAR dodo

	For further usage of eval, consult your manuals.
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