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Wed Oct 23 23:24:37 AEST 1985

Marc Clarke writes:
>  Well, I own about 20 books on the topic, and by far and away the best one,
>  in my opinion, is "Learning to Program in C", by Thomas Plum, published by
>  Prentice-Hall.  Plum has several more books, published this year, on such
>  topics as how to write efficient C programs and reliable data structures.
>  If I were going to do it all again, I'd buy everything Kernighan and Plum
>  ever wrote and skip everything else.

I'm very surprised at this.  I considered adopting it as a course text
and, whilst it is not without its good points, it is very weak on Structs,
Unions and everything to do with storage allocation.  I also found it hard
to find things through the index.

I ended up recommending "An Introduction to Programming in C - A Book on C"
by Kelly & Pohl (pub. Benjamin/Cummings) for novice C programmers,
and "Advanced C: Food for the Educated Palete" by N.Gehani (pub. Computer
Science Press) for the more experienced C programmers.

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