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In article <> putnam at kbsvax.UUCP (jefu) writes:
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>I have been thinking about building a language formatter for a couple
>years.  I want, essentially, to be able to feed it a template for the
>language in question and have it spit out a formatter.  This means
>essentially that it must learn the syntax of the language from my 
>template, build a 'parser' for it, and include in the parser enough
>information to be able to add the formatting commands when it spits 
>it out.
> ...

Does your site have Lex and Yacc?  If you want to build a parser, that's
the way to go, especially if you're not particularly skilled at writing
such things.  Your 'template', in this case, would consist of a grammer
that Yacc understands (basically).

It could get a little hairy writing a grammer for some languages, but
that's what job security's all about :-).

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