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Judge Dredd days at glasgow.glasgow.UUCP
Sat Oct 5 00:07:07 AEST 1985

> Some of us feel the same about breaks as we do about gotos. I won't use it, or
> continue either, and I won't let anyone in my shop use it. It is just a goto
	Why use a language if you dislike it ?? (-:

> We use LOOP...LOOPUNTIL...ENDLOOP. I know, adding features to a language with
> #define has problems,but at least that code is readable once you know what the
> constructs do, which is quite apparent. C should have that structure built in.
	Well, continue/break are also perfectly apparent once you know what they
do, and if C had everything that everyone wanted, we'd be left with something
that made York Ada look like tiny-P.

Stephen Day, Comp Sci Dept, University of Glasgow, Scotland

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