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>means, whether it is good style, &c... is overlooking something.
>Nowhere in K & R is the meaning of the distinguished constant
>NULL defined. I thought its definition was implementation
>dependent. It just so happens that all implementations I know of
>use 0 (or 0L). But nothing *requires* this.

In fact, I've worked in an environment (PRIMOS and other Multics-style systems)
with segmented addressing schemes (and demand-paged virtual memory) wherein 
the definition of a NULL pointer was any address in the designated-highest-
possible segment (defined as octal 7777).  Thus, for C to see a pointer as 
null required conversion from 7777/0 to 0 (or seg 0 loc 0, which is a valid
address) and back again!  

In summary:

YEAH, a portable test is necessary that does not depend on NULL being ZERO.

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