Uses of "short" ?

Doug Gwyn <gwyn> gwyn at brl-tgr.ARPA
Thu Oct 10 12:05:20 AEST 1985

> typedef	long	int60 ;		/* or whatever the type is for 60 bit ints */

My point is, if more than 32 bits are needed then this code is
not going to port anyway, no matter what typedefs you use.

> Likewise, if *your* code uses int8/int16/whatever correctly, specifying the
> number of bits needed, then there file of typedefs will get them a
> reasonable type for those variables.

If you use the proper C data types, there will be no need to worry
about this at all; the code will work on all standard-conforming
implementations without any change whatsoever.  There is no need
to invent system-specific typedefs for any integer type through 32
bits, and for longer integer types typedefs are not sufficient.

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