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In article <131 at vecpyr.UUCP> markl at vecpyr.UUCP (Mark Patrick) writes:
>I would be most grateful if someone could provide me with information
>on the availability of documentation/source for C++. 

At the recent ACM conference in Denver one of the Speakers was Bjarne
Stroustrup the author of C++.  He announced that C++ was being released
as version 1.0. with release notes.

In addition his book "The C++ Programming Language", Addison-Wesley,
1985 (Code #12078) was just then being released.

The release handout was rather long describing the features, hardware support
distribution and pricing amoung other things.  The language features including
data abstraction and object based programming were mentioned.  If there is
enough interest from the net I'll transcribe the whole release otherwise
contact AT&T Software Sales and Marketing,  P. O. Box 25000, Greensboro,
North Carolina, 27420.

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