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Mikel Manitius mikel at codas.UUCP
Sun Oct 6 13:15:26 AEST 1985

> > By the way, has anybody figured out how to get lint to shut up about
> > the return codes for { ,s,f}printf().  I have yet to see a standard definition
> > of the return code, but lint keeps giving me "value returned but not used".
> > Isn't this just a tramp from doprntf?  I've had one version hand back the
> > value of write (and blew away my stack) even though the return code was
> > supposed to return a char* (sprintf),  (Seems it didn't like writing a
> > 4k message).  This appears to be a good case for using if(sprintf(...)).
> This subject has been discussed to death before.  In X3J11 and UNIX
> System V, the *printf() functions return a value (# chars transmitted,
> or negative on output error).  If you don't wish to test this value
> (shame on you), then cast it to (void).

I don't have any trouble with lint,
It never complains,
Then again, I never use then damn beast!
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