Short Regs

Thu Oct 17 04:15:31 AEST 1985

/* Ron Natalie is quibbling with me:
> > Yes it will work. But how well? Some systems (notably BSD) ignore
> > register short definitions for example. This style allows (& requires
> > in certain cases) the porter to choose his tradeoffs globally.
> It doesn't ignore register short definitions, it mearly does not put them
> in registers because registers can only be applied to types int and long
> on VAX.  Or whould you have sizeof (int) return different numbers depending
> on whether it's in a register or not?

Of course it doesn't ignore them *completely*, only the *register* part!
As for sizeof, I don't know what you're talking about. I never said that.

I suppose there are real problems with register shorts. What are they?
It seems that the VAX registers can be treated like the 68000 D-regs.
The 68000 (Unisys V7-like) didn't seem to to mind reg shorts or chars.

	jim		cottrell at nbs

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