Recoding Lisp programs in C

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Sat Oct 12 19:01:00 AEST 1985

/* Written 12:58 pm  Oct  7, 1985 by richw at ada-uts in prism:net.lang.c */
> What about having the C version be conscientious about using "malloc"
> AND "free"?  Though many people I know feel that dynamic storage
> allocation is a "detail" that programmers need never worry much about,
> I wonder if making sure to "free" anything you "malloc" is all that
> hard.
> Has anyone out there REALLY used "free"?  I'm very curious about this...

Ask anyone who has ever developed a piece of commercial code for a small
machine.  (Yes, Virginia, there are people who develop applications for IBM
PC's...)  I, for example, am currently working on a product that will operate
on potentially megabytes of data, and must run in 256 to 512 K of physical
memory, with no help from virtual memory.  You'd better believe we're careful
to match every malloc with an appropriate free!

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