X10 shins

Wed Oct 16 09:19:27 AEST 1985

> Subject: Re: Struxure Args & Assignment
> I just wanted to tell you that I find it hard to dechipher yor articles
> with heavy use of innovative spelling, ampersands and so on.
> You see, most of us here in Sweden learn english by reading a lot,
> as opposed to you folks who get the langage "for free" hearing it all the
> time since you were little children.
> I find converting your "x" everywhere to a well-known word tiresome
> (It includes converting to and from phonetics) so you run the risk
> of being skipped while we read news.
> By the way I agree that structure and array args should either both be present
> or non-present in a language. The current situation where you can do certain
> things with arrays only if you put them in a structure (maybe as the only
> member) is a bit absurd.
> 	Johan Finnved, Objecta Sweden

Oh, yeah! There's a whole world out there, right? I can sympathize with
y'all Swedes (& (and) other aliens), altho(ugh) I don't think I'll 
change my habits muchly. As for you Yanks, GFY! This is not
net.META.lang.C. Take what you get.

As for skipping my articles, that's your loss. I find spelling errors
(especially when they are deliberate & easily decipherable (at least to
anglophones)) to be trivial compared with inaccurate postings.

BTW (by the way), the ampersand (&) is `a character typically standing
for the word "and"' according to my dixionary. Besides it's a character
standing for `logical and' in C, so don't pretend you don't know it.

As for your last paragraph, your taste is excellent.

	jim		cottrell at nbs

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