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In article <895 at rlvd.UUCP> caag at rlvd.UUCP (Crispin Goswell) writes:
>	5. There are various parts of the syntax that I don't like:
>		2. ;'s as statement terminators, I prefer the algol statement
>		   separator.

I disagree; I prefer ;'s as statement terminators.  Trying to look at it
objectively, I can see very little reason to prefer one or the other.  I
suspect most people prefer whichever they first dealt with.  I am reasonably
certain that essentially the same problem occurs either way: leaving them
out when they are required, or inserting them when they are illegal.

It is unreasonable to ask that there be no further discussion on this point.
Let me at least ask that no further replies be made unless you have a reason
for preferring one over the other.

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