Removal From List

Root Boy Jim rbj at icst-cmr.ARPA
Sat Aug 2 13:46:19 AEST 1986

Not one to go quietly, I have decided to go out in style. Good or Bad,
depending on your point of view, but style nonetheless. I leave you with:

	Welcome to the Net
	I guess you all know why we're here
	My name is Root Boy,
	And I've been flaming for a year
	And pinheads complete the scene
	Here comes Dennis Ritchie to guide you to
	Your very own machine.

And as they say back in Old Mexico City:	A. M. F. !!!

	(Root Boy) Jim Cottrell		<rbj at>
	I'm a nuclear submarine under the polar ice cap and I need a Kleenex!

And especially for my good buddy Henry,

You should all JUMP UP AND DOWN for TWO HOURS while I decide on a NEW NEWSGROUP!

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