helpwith KERMIT

C Waldman cgw at mruxe.UUCP
Fri Aug 1 05:13:14 AEST 1986

Is there anybody out there who can help me? I am working on a project with
a pretty tight deadline, which involves using a PC to monitor equipment in
a remote building, and having our UNIX system dial it up to retrieve the
data. Right now the file dumps are straight ASCII, but since there have
been a lot of errors on the line, and I want to split the data into 
separate files (one for weather, one for power consumption, etc) I want
to implement the KERMIT protocol-
I have a KERMIT for our UNIX machine, but need one to run on the PC (it's
an IBM, all code is in C compiled with LATTICE V3.10).  I have terminal
emulators for the PC that do KERMIT, but they don't help- I don't have
the source, and I cannot chain in the whole terminal emulator- I need 
a stand-alone KERMIT which can run without intervention from the
keyboard, etc. 

I've started trying to write my own, using the source I have for UNIX,
getting rid of all the signals, etc, that make it unusable on the PC-
but this may take longer than I have. If anyone out there has any
code, or fragments of code, that would be applicable, I would appreciate

  Charles G. Waldman
  Bell Communications Research


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