Question on getopt()

Barry Shein bzs at bu-cs.BU.EDU
Mon Aug 4 09:38:52 AEST 1986

From: guy at sun.uucp (Guy Harris)
>Anybody with source has certainly learned by now that the UNIX documentation
>is only a rough approximation to the truth.  The source code is, in some
>cases, the final arbiter; in others, the documentation is correct...

No, no, the COMPUTER is the final arbiter. When in doubt make up a few
little code samples and see what they do. This doesn't require
sources, except your own and works well, I'm serious. It never ceases
to astound me how many times people come in to my office and ask me a
question that is amply answered with "go ask the computer, why bother
me, I can't simulate a computer as fast as it can simulate itself..."

	-Barry Shein, Boston University

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