Survey of C Compilers for micros

Oleg "Kill the bastards" Kiselev oleg at
Wed Aug 6 13:52:02 AEST 1986

In article <419 at galbp.UUCP> wolf at galbp.UUCP (Wolf) writes:
>why CI86 (Computer Inovations (?)) never made it in any of the
>survey articles.  I've had limited experience with it and have had no
>problems with it, whatsoever.  In other surveys (e.g., Byte) it was always
>in the top 3.  Have I missed something?

CI86 is neither very fast nor does it produce very good code. The biggie is
the number of bugs in implementation of large memory model float, double and
struct handling. CI86 (the release we had used a year ago) manages to mess up 
the addressing. CI86 is comfortable to use tho', and is fine (as far as we
found!) for <64K stuff.

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