Pointers and Arrays

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>> If you think about it, a pointer to an int can be used (and is) as a
>> pointer to an array of ints. Unless you apply ++ to it, they are the
>> same thing.  (I can already feel the flames approaching).
> I assume Jim really means "unless you apply ++, --, [], *, +, -, +=, or
> -=" (unless I'm overlooking one).  That is, unless you use it in
> arithmetic, subscripting, or indirection.  Sort of covers what you can
> do with a pointer, doesn't it?

You are overlooking something important.  They are the same thing UNTIL
the size of what the pointer points to becomes important.  These
situations are:
	) ++
	) --
	) [] with a non-zero subscript
	) +
	) -
	) +=
	) -=
As for what they SHOULD be....a pointer to an array should be just
that; indirecting off it should result in an array.  There are good
reasons this isn't done; I have yet to hear an implementation suggested
that doesn't have worse flaws than the flaw currently under discussion.
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