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Fri Aug 1 04:18:38 AEST 1986

In article <5826 at think.COM>, sam at think.COM (Sam Kendall) writes:
> ...
> Enough cheap shots.  Here is an example of using void in "?:".  Suppose
> you are writing a stdio-like package, and one function has this
> specification:
> 	void PutC(Stream, char);
> But for efficiency you want to write PutC as a macro.  So you define it
> like this:
> extern void _WriteBuf(Stream);
> #define PutC(s, c)  (--(s)->count >= 0 ? (void) (*(s)->bufp++ = (c)) \
> 				       : _WriteBuf(s, c))

    I won't argue with the desirability of being able to do this, but
I believe your example is poorly chosen. I/O functions can always fail
and some indication of this ought to be returned to the user where
possible, even though few bother to check usage like this.

    -- Jon Leech (...seismo!amdahl!jon)
    UTS Products / Amdahl Corporation

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