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Jonathan Meltzer jsm at vax1.ccs.cornell.edu
Wed Aug 6 14:49:08 AEST 1986

In article <2033 at calmasd.CALMA.UUCP> dmm at calmasd.UUCP (David MacMillan) writes:
>>>1) Microsoft C
>>>2) Lattice C
>>>3) Mark Williams C
>>>4) QNX C compiler
>>>5) DeSmet C compiler
>>>6) Wizard C.
>     On a slightly different note, does anyone know of a public
>domain / shareware C compiler for the IBM PC?  It doesn't have to
>be fancy.  Source or object are both OK, (but if source, then the
>compiler must be able to compile itself.)
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Yes. Small-C.
Get the book "Dr Dobb's Toolbox of C". This contains reprints of the
original Dobbs articles. The code is CP/M specific, but a MS-DOS version is
available on all programming-language oriented bulletin boards.
Can anyone on the West Coast give Dave a local BBS? If not, try PC-BOSS at
1-201-568-7293 (New Jersey).  .

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