Survey of C Compilers

Robert C Sanders sandersr at ecn-pc.UUCP
Fri Aug 1 15:21:45 AEST 1986

In article <613 at looking.UUCP> brad at looking.UUCP (Brad Templeton) writes:
>I have used several C compilers in my projects and here are the summaries:
>1) Microsoft C
>2) Lattice C
>3) Mark Williams C
>4) QNX C compiler
>5) DeSmet C compiler
>6) Wizard C.
>So in the long run, Microsoft C is the winner.  We run it under Xenix which
>means that we don't even have to use dos except for testing.  Documentation
>of the DOS functions is very poor in the Xenix version, though.
>-- Brad Templeton

You forgot Computer Innovations C86; it too will run under Xenix (or at least
their Xenix version), and cross compile for Xenix or MS DOS.  As someone
posted recently, CII C86 produces slightly larger code than MS C, but it too
supports ANSI style argument parsing and medium model.  It too is very UNIX
oriented (it is developed on a UNIX machine); I have no problem porting
anything across.  It also has options to make symbols 8-char or 31-char
significant.  It is better than Latice C, so on the scale above I would
rank it 1.5.
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