Ron Natalie <ron> ron at brl-sem.ARPA
Fri Aug 22 04:07:37 AEST 1986

In article <971 at ucbcad.BERKELEY.EDU>, faustus at ucbcad.BERKELEY.EDU (Wayne A. Christopher) writes:
> If there is something of interest at location 0 then you should complain to
> whomever put it there.  It's a very good idea to make null pointer references
> cause a fault -- this catches lots of nasty bugs.  If this isn't the case
> on your machine, you can still use the tricks mentioned above.
Even the PDP-11's used to put a zero on the split-I/D images at zero to
assure there wasn't anything useful at zero.  Unfortunately, people learned
to rely on this.  I suspect we might not have had as much problems if VAX's
and PDP-11's had something useless like at "setd" instruction at the bottom
of their dataspaces

-Ron (p&P6) Natalie

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