LALR grammars for C and C++

Dataram Miruke dmiruke at isis.UUCP
Thu Jan 30 00:36:34 AEST 1986

	Sometime back someone posted a question about an error in the
LALR grammar given in the book 'C - A Reference Manual' by Harbison and Steele,
in which there are two productions present that don't seem to be used
anywhere at all in the rest of the grammar. I do not know if any solution or
improvement was suggested by someone about this. If someone has any idea would
like to hear about it. Here are the two offending(!) productions. For reference
please see the above book..(pp. 335-342). The edition that I have is the one
published in 1984. Is there a new edition in which this problem is taken care
of ?

	key_dcltr := <identifier>

	<0008> := <key_dcltr> | <0008> , <key_dcltr>
where <identifier> is a token. 

	Does anyone know of any LALR grammar for C++ available anywhere ?
Thanx in advance for any clues, info or lead or whatever...

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