Sample C Programs Wanted

mcdaniel at uiucdcsb.CS.UIUC.EDU mcdaniel at uiucdcsb.CS.UIUC.EDU
Wed Jan 22 12:06:00 AEST 1986

Thanks in advance.  (As advanced as possible, in fact.)

I'm going to evaluate the possibility of "parallelizing C":  adding
language features for parallel computers and/or cobbling together an
automatic parallelizer.  I need numeric application programs coded in C
(matrix manipulations, as one example).  Also, I need programs which
manipulate various data structures:  queues, lists, graphs, trees, et
cetera.  If you would indicate how often your program(s) are run and
how much importance they have in relation to your site's workload, I'd
appreciate that too.  Since I will primarily be looking at the code, it
doesn't have to be adapted to any particular system (working code is
greatly preferred, though!).  If you have a choice, however, I'd prefer
code for BSD 4.2.


Tim McDaniel; CSRD at the Silicon Prairie
(Center for Supercomputing Research and Development at the University
of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Internet: mcdaniel at
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