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In article <209 at maynard.UUCP> campbell at maynard.UUCP (Larry Campbell) writes:
>                                     It's IMPOSSIBLE to find anything
>in the XENIX manuals because they're unbundled.  That means there are
>three different, separately priced packages, and their manuals are
>sold separately.  No more just looking commands up alphabetically in
>Volume 1, system calls in Volume 2, etc.  You have to guess which doc
>set the thing is in.  Quick: is 'sed' in the kernel kit, the
>programmer's kit, or the text processing kit?  How about 'awk'?  What
>about 'csh'?  I have nearly heaved my XENIX manuals against the wall
>on several occasions because of this brain damage.
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     We just got our v3.0 XENIX where I work, and I've been looking through
     the Development System Upgrade manuals to familiarize myself before
     installing it.  We have 5 (yes, 5) manuals.  The Reference manual, which
     has two sections, the Programmer manual with has one section, the
     Programmer Reference manual with two sections, the Text Processing
     manual, don't remember how many sections, and another manual I can't
     remember the name of right now.  I've found the same thing Larry has
     about finding things in this collection of manuals.  Their organization
     of the manuals doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me.  I suggest anyone
     else who has found this write to the distrubutor of their package and
     complain.  Maybe we can get some real manuals to replace the ones that
     are currently being distributed.  Incidentally, our package is TRS's
     version of Xenix.

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