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In his recent posting Rob Rimbold asks:
>While writing a program that does a lot of file I/O, I have come
>across a few problems. I am writing integers to a file as integers using
>"%d" and fprintf. I open the file using "r+". I would like to keep track
>increment or simply change the integer that is already recorded in the file.
>My problem is that when rewinding to the beginning of the file and
>re-writing another integer the following things occur:
>1. If the integer previously in the file is a single digit, only a single
>	digit may be written over it, the same thing goes for double or
>	triple digit integers.

	That is correct, if you open the file "r+" you can read/modify the data
	there, NOT extend it (ie 1 digit -> 3 digits). The "workaround" is to 
	write formatted data:

		 fprintf( file_desc, "%03d", number );

	or replace 3 with the maximum length of the number string. Reading is
	just as easy:

		fscanf( file_desc, "%d", &number );
>2. If I attempt to 'reopen' the file and write into it with "w" or "w+" 
>	access, and use the same file (i.e. same version all the time.),
>	it won't let me. Same goes for the close-and-open ploy.

	This is VAX/VMS you're talking to what did you expect?

	"w" opens a file for writing and creates a new file. If the file already
	exists, it creates a new file with the same name and a higher version

	"w+" opens a new file for write update access

>3. If I close the file, and reopen it with "r+", I still am unable to
>	modify it past the number of digits that already exist there.
>	I don't get errors for any of this, simply nothing happens.

	See 1. above.

>Also, how does one go about deleting a file using VAX C? I was unable
>to figure it out. It seems that almost every function is listed as
>'not provided' in the back of the manual. I am getting desperate.

Desperate enough to READ the manual?

	int delete( file_spec )
	char *file_spec;

	Returns 0 if successful, -1 if it fails.

>It seems that workarounds are ever so necessary when using this cruddy
>compiler. ANY ideas or suggestions would be most appreciated. Of course,
>snippets of code for examples are EVEN more welcome.

RTFM Rob...

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