need recommendation on IBM PC version of \"make\"

John M Sellens jmsellens at watmath.UUCP
Mon Jan 20 09:29:22 AEST 1986

In article <348 at 3comvax.UUCP> mykes at 3comvax.UUCP (Mike Schwartz) writes:
>I bought a copy of DeSmet 'C' for the IBM PC for $109. ...  Also, I got some
>extra disks from them, including source to a MAKE program.
>I do use the MAKE program all the time, and it works real well.
>It is not a full Unix
>make, but it is very simple to use, and extremely effective.  It might be
>worth getting DeSmet 'C' just for the MAKE program, becuase you end up with
>not only MAKE, but a great 'C' compiler too.

Thanks for the compliments, but I don't believe this source is available
any longer.  You see, I wrote it, and now they sell it as a separate product.
It is very close to UNIX make, though there are some minor differences in
an effort to be more efficient.  It is possible to customize the .exe file
by building your own default rules right in.

If I may be so bold, my MAKE program is available for $50. from
  C Ware Corp.
  P.O. Box C
  Sunnyvale CA 94087
  (408) 720-9696
and I too recommend the compiler (as do all my friends).  The main reason
I use Microsoft C 3.0 at work (another good compiler) is that it has large
model support.

To be honest, I'm surprised that PolyMake and Lattice Make sell for so much
more $$.  I have heard disparaging remarks about both.

John Sellens

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No disclaimer.  Buy C Ware MAKE, support a student ... :-)

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