The 68000 as PDP-11 Clone

Eugen Bacic eugen at clan.UUCP
Tue Jan 28 04:07:29 AEST 1986

I believe that you're thinking of the Honeywell Front End Processors (FEPs).
These were modelled after the PDP-11 series and are very similar in
architecture.  The Intel chips, not the Motorola, are *very*, and I mean
*very*, similar in design to the Honeywell mainframes.  Right down to
the linkage segment philosophy, etc.  Since you were confused about the
numbering scheme used by Honeywell here's how it stands now:

The Level 6000 has become the Level 66.  These are outdated pieces of 
hardware and the current hardware is called DPS 8/xx.  These are firmware
driven machines and have led to the next series the DPS/90, a super
computer more commonly known to all as the NEC 1000.  The FEPs that I 
mentioned earlier are called Level 6 computers and the newest series
are called Datanet 8s.  

In case you were wondering how I know this, we run 3 Honeywell systems here
at Carleton under the CP-6 operating system.  Two dual systems with 3 and
2 feps respectively (A dual Level 66B and a dual DPS 8/49) as well as a
research machine (DPS 8/47) with one FEP.


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