venix versus xenix (also SV)

K. Richard Magill rich at rexago1.UUCP
Thu Jan 23 02:31:52 AEST 1986

In article <209 at maynard.UUCP> campbell at maynard.UUCP (Larry Campbell) writes:
>> 	I am getting ready to purchase a pc version of Unix...

>be clear cut, except for one thing.  It's IMPOSSIBLE to find anything
>in the XENIX manuals because they're unbundled.  That means there are
>three different, separately priced packages, and their manuals are
>sold separately.  No more just looking commands up alphabetically in
>Volume 1, system calls in Volume 2, etc.  You have to guess which doc
>set the thing is in.

I got news for somebody...
Our SV manuals come in N parts.  Not just 3.  I've screamed & b****ed bout
this many times.  Agreed they come loose leaf but I'm a consultant brought
in after the fact & if I re-arranged manuals somebody else would scream.

Every time I think I know where they all are I find there are really N + 1
parts.  Thus far I've found:

Core Pack
Software Generation Software
Extended Utilities
Basic Networking
Extended Software Generation
Printer Spooling

This is for a 3b2/300 & there is also information in tutorial style doc
that isn't covered in the man pages.

K. Richard Magill

BTW, *I*S* there a man page for cc, at, or sdb?

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