Draft C standard

Michael Meissner meissner at dg_rtp.UUCP
Thu Jan 9 00:51:26 AEST 1986

In article <1516 at wanginst.UUCP> mckeeman at wanginst.UUCP (William McKeeman) writes
>I wrote to CBEMA for the latest standard also, after my usual sources dried
>up.  It took several weeks for them to respond.  What I got today was the
>April 30 document, with a cover sheet dated July 1.  That's 8 months
>out-of-date!  I have sent it back and asked for my money to be returned.
    Because the ANSI committee has not yet released another draft to CBEMA is
the reason the April 30 document is still listed as the current draft.  I
expect the draft from this March's meeting will be sent out.

	Michael Meissner, Data General

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