FORTH, PASCAL, and C--- which one would you choose (it depends ?)

Bill Thomas bill at ubvax.UUCP
Tue Jan 7 08:07:57 AEST 1986

trying to use the mixed mode with Microsoft C is some fun in that
the "/Ze" option using their "far" feature does not work on Automatic
variables (they are ignored) so one can't get SEG:OFFSET pointers
in Calls. This in turn makes the /Axxxw option next to you know
what because in the /AM or /AS (SMALL Data) a call could have
a 16 bit (offset) pointer which should be SS:offset or DS:offset
and if the called routine has ESP your ok!!!!.

In addtion in the Large Data model every Global variable gets its
own segment. That is they don't collect them to cut down on loading
the ES. So the Large Data model is SLOW SLOW & you can't get
around it with their funny "/Ze" "far" stuff!

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