ANSI drafts

L.Rosler lr at sftig.UUCP
Thu Jan 9 13:13:24 AEST 1986

Several comments have been posted from people who have bought
the April 1985 draft from CBEMA and expected something more
up to date.  Here is the story:

The only draft that CBEMA will distribute is that from April, 1985.
The next thing they will distribute is the proposed standard,
probably late this spring.

The Committee has been meeting quarterly, and issuing drafts
as internal working documents.  In the interests of keeping
the users of the net up to date, Mark Brader (ihnp4!utzoo!lsuc!msb)
has volunteered to post significant differences from the April
draft.  I have sent him diffmarked copies of the August and November
drafts, and notes on changes made at the December meeting
(to appear in the February, 1986 draft).

So please be patient, and keep sending your bucks to CBEMA.
They need the money, folks.

Larry Rosler, Editor, ANSI X3J11 C Standards Committee

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