MIX C Compiler for MS/DOS for $39.95

Patrick Kauffold pvk at ixe5n.UUCP
Sat Jan 4 00:05:38 AEST 1986

MIX offers a one-pass "standard K&R" C Compiler, plus UNIX V.7
extensions, C tutorial book, "UNIX compatible" function library
(including source code), and a linker, all for $39.95.
It implements bit fields, enumerations, register data, etc. 
(All info above from their ad.)

Address is MIX Software
           2116 E. Arapaho
           Richardson, TX 75081

I have a one-page ad from them, but little else.  Must be
at least worth a try.

If you have had experience with this compiler, please reply to

Pat Kauffold
AT&T Bell Labs
1200 E. Warrenville Rd
Naperville, IL 60566

or, preferebly, send return E-mail.

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