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John Mashey mash at mips.UUCP
Sun Jan 12 10:45:46 AEST 1986

In article <106 at graffiti.UUCP> bruce at graffiti.UUCP (Bruce Jilek) writes:
> Editor for the AT&T Unix PC, I was impressed by the fact that there
> My question is...why do you want to control the link process in that
> way.  For example, why would you want to change the entry point for a program,
> or other such subtle memory allocation features.  Are there any "easy to
> identify with" reasons, or is this a remnant from days gone by when Unix
> was an academic subject only.
1) Kernels in general like to have a different entry point than
user programs, and quite different layouts.
2) Much of what's in ld & COFF came from needs of BTL people building
ESS systems and others that needed this control.  It hardly came from
the academic side [or even the general time-sharing side.]
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