Pointers to Functions

Martin M Lacey martinl at molihp.UUCP
Wed Jan 15 09:55:06 AEST 1986

In article <59 at andromeda.UUCP> dave at andromeda.UUCP (Dave Bloom) writes:
>Here's a good(?) question. Lets say I have this:
>	int a(), b();  /* defined somewhere else */
>	int (*c)();    /* a pointer to a function returning int (K&R pg141) */
>		.
>		.
>		.
>	c = b;
>	(*c)(some arguments);
>Our compiler claims c is an "illegal function", 
> [...]
>Looks like I'm missing something. Can anyone out the lend me a hand???
>What is it that's wrong in example one? How can I declare a generic pointer
>to an int-function, set it equal to the address of a valid int function,
>and use it instead of the function????
>     			       Dave Bloom

I have just tested the above on our system (Sys 5 rel 2: HP9000 series 500)
and it works no problem.  Your compiler is out-dated probably.

		Magic Martin.

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