testing of C compilers

prindle at nadc.arpa prindle at nadc.arpa
Fri Jan 10 09:55:41 AEST 1986

I am interested in availability of a program or set of programs which can be
used to determine how well a particular C compiler conforms to a standard
(e.g. the K&R standard) and for detecting any failures of the compiler to 
either process the source code correctly or generate correct object code.
This is the sort of test a compiler implementor might utilize to check his
progress toward a full implementation; sort of like the ACVC suite is to
the Ada Language.  If anyone on this list knows of the existence of such a
program or set of programs, and whether they are public domain or not, please
send net mail directly to my mailbox (Prindle at NADC.arpa).  Any info you can
provide will be appreciated.
Thanks in advance,
Frank Prindle
U.S. Naval Air Development Center
Warminster, Pa.
Arpanet: Prindle at NADC.arpa
Usenet: ...!...!harvard!prindle%nadc.arpa

P.S. No, we aren't writing a compiler, just need to evaluate existing ones.

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