COTTRELL, JAMES cottrell at
Fri Jan 10 04:07:33 AEST 1986

> Is there any way to change the name of a routine in an archive file?

Yeah. Recompile and reachive with a different name. Archives were
not meant to be diddled with. You're either On the Bus or Off the Bus.
> My problem is that I have an archive file of routines that call
> the subroutine 'foobarsub(3)'.  Unfortunately, the name has been 
> truncated to eight characters to 'foobarsu' in the archive.
> I only have the object form of the archive, and can't figure out
> how to get the name to refer to the proper subroutine.

So what happens when you try to call `foobarsub'? Perhaps the
loader (or compiler) will truncate to the same length. If not,
try using `foobarsu'. A #define may help make global changes.
> Am I missing something simple?  (Probably)

Foobarsu? The new Japanese car for programmers :-) ?!?

	jim		cottrell at nbs

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