C compiler for micro/RSX

Larry Campbell campbell at maynard.UUCP
Sat Nov 15 22:03:31 AEST 1986

In article <260 at butler.UUCP> halpern at butler.UUCP (Eric Halpern) writes:
>I am in search of a C compiler for micro/RSX / RSX-11M-PLUS running on a 
>microPDP11/73. I know of one compiler distributed by Whitesmiths but have
>some reservations about its *non-standard* interface for certain library calls.
>I would appreciate any comments on Whitesmiths and/or suggetions for and
>warnings against other available compilers.

DECUS C is a free C compiler that runs under most PDP-11 operating
systems, including RSX.  It comes with source code (the compiler
itself is written in MACRO-11) and a ton of utilities, and is actually
a pretty decent package -- better than a lot of commercial products
floating around these days.  DEC has used it to build several products.

You can get it for a nominal media charge from DECUS.  Sorry, don't know
the order number offhand.
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